Tuesday, 8 May 2012

World Thalassemia Day May, 8

Report By: Kiran Fatima (Medical Student)

World Thalassemia Day, for the awareness of people about Thalassemia is celebrated on date May, 8 of every year.
Thalassemia is a red blood cell disorder. It is a genetic disorder which spread from parents to children. It is not a contagious disease nor spread by microbes. It is only spread by parents. In Pakistan, Approx 5% of total population are Thalassemia minor.

There are two forms of Thalassemia
1. Thalassemia Minor
2. Thalassemia Major
Thalassemia Major is dangerous than Thalassemia minor. the person who is a sufferer of Thalassemia major needs to be blood transfused atleast once or twice a month, depends on its severity. But still most of the person can't survive for more than 20 years. They die because of iron overload or hepatic failure or they may also develop of Hepatitis C, because of blood transfusions.

While the person with Thalassemia minor lead a normal life and he is also unaware of this. They also don't need blood transfusion. When Thalassemia minor person marry normal person their offspring will also be normal but when two Thalassemia minor marry each other there is 25% chance of Thalassemia major child in every pregnancy. We can't eradicate Thalassemia minor as it is a genetic disease but we can eradicate Thalassemia major by:-

1. Do blood test for Thalassemia before marriage.
2. Two Thalassemia minor should not marry each other.
3. If marriage occurs, don't procreate.

The Thalassemia major is so dangerous that it will not only effect that person but also his/her by disturbing their mental as well as financial status.

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  1. prof premraj pushpakaran writes -- let us celebrate World Thalassemia Day!!!