Saturday, 19 May 2012

Waqar Qureshi, Young Pakistan Inventor

This Video is uploaded on YouTube on Apr 16, 2010

Muhammad Waqar Qureshi is a student at University of Central Punjab (UCP) and pure Pakistani genius. The 21 year old guy with a distinctive mind has already got four inventions in the field of Information Technology under his belt.

Muhammad Waqar Qureshi belongs from Lahore, Pakistan. He has done FSc in Pre-Engineering, and now he is a student of Bachelors of Computer Sciences (BCS) from the University of Central Punjab, Lahore.
This guy has made four inventions in the field of Information Technology, and as well as he was the person to design first ever Pakistani Urdu 3D Computer game Named as Waqt-Time to Eascape. We will discuss all of his inventions one by one.
First of all, I am coming to the first achievement of Waqar, which is the 3D Urdu Game, “Waqt-Time to Escape”, is a First Person Shooter game, which he designed when he was only 19 years old. According to him, he always wanted to play a Pakistani game with our own national Language Urdu. So he started working on the project and with his determination he achieved it in the age of 19.
If you are tired of using computer mouse, there is no need to worry, as Waqar has invented a “Non-touch Interface System”. It consists of a glove equipped with fully software and hardware applications attached with a pen, which can be used to operate all the computer functions, including typing, without touching your computer. This is the first time that a person can interact with the computer through the air without touching anything.
The second device is a “Head Tracking System”. By wearing this device on one’s head the cursor on the monitor moves with the movement of the head. The gadget is incomplete without the Video Goggles. As they are not attached to this tool because he can’t afford them as they are too expensive. Only the Video Goggles will be added to this Head tracking System device and then this will become a Virtual Reality System. Like they had shown in the Matrix film. When the user is playing a game he would feel that he’s inside the game (while he’s playing it on computer).
The Genius guy, Waqar has also developed a system which can “switch on or off all electric appliances through a computer, without any physical movement”. This System is a combination of Hardware and Software, Both are designed by himself. He said that it was his personal project and at this at time this system can operate only 8 devices but it can operate a maximum of 250 devices.
“Every screen a touch screen” This awesome system consists of a software portion and a hardware portion both were designed by this Genius Guy. With this system you can convert every screen into a touch screen, while using a projector you can make WALL a Touch Screen, and that’s amazing.
Conversion of one’s thought into occurrence has always been a dream and these days Waqar is working to convert this dream into a reality. The system on which he’s working is known as Brain Interface System, by which one can operate his computer by his brain without any physical movement. Intelligent students like Waqar are an asset for the country.

All invention he made in very low budget.
We hope he do more invention.

Good Luck to Him :)