Sunday, 13 May 2012

Ignoring hijab, chastity bad for society: Leader


The Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says ostentation, impiety, and ignoring Islamic dress code (hijab) will have lasting negative effects on the ethics and politics of society.

The Leader made the remarks in a Saturday address to mark the birth anniversaries of the Prophet of Islam’s daughter Hazrat Fatemeh (PBUH) and the founder of the Islamic Republic Imam Khomeini as well as the national Woman’s Day.

Chastity … is a cause for honor … and increases …respect for women in society and this is why we must be grateful to Islam for paying attention to the issue of hijab,” Ayatollah Khamenei said.

The Leader said despite the Western propaganda that women must discard hijab to carry out their social responsibilities, the effective presence of women in different political and social arenas in Iran shows that women can fulfill their responsibilities in society while observing full hijab.

“Designating this day as woman’s day [in Iran] has everlasting lessons for all, especially for the women of our Islamic country to continue on the path of Hazrat Zahra (PBHU) by adorning themselves with piety, chastity, knowledge, courage, steadfastness, proper child rearing and attaching importance to family,” Ayatollah Khamenei added.


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