Thursday, 31 May 2012

Awareness of First Aid is need

What is First Aid?
First aid can be defined as a first helped or first need in between incident and hospitalization or to handover to the specialization. We also call First Aid ‘Ibtadiye Tibi Imdaad’ in Roman Urdu.

Why First Aid awareness is needed?
We usually see the incidents like accidents on road, mental shock cases, bomb blasts, electric shock cases etc. But many of the patients died because they didn’t get first aid in the way between accident and hospitalization. That’s why awareness of first aid is need for all citizens, and they have to apply.

Real Cases, saw by me:
Accident on road:
I saw a biker got accident with the truck, and he got died because of not getting proper first aid in ambulance which was on the way to hospital.

Bomb Blast:
On Aashura Bomb Blast in Karachi, I saw many patients who didn’t got proper first aid and stretchers, and many of the people didn’t know how to take patients through stretchers and on that occasion there was also a lack of stretchers and people didn’t know how to take them properly to the hospital.

People have to know about First Aid, especially about how to take patients to hospital via stretcher or without stretcher.

I am very thankful to organization named CUBE who organized the great event today in UIT, Karachi named “First Aid – Awareness is to need”.
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