Thursday, 19 April 2012

India test-fires nuclear-capable Agni-V missile

India tested long-range nuclear-capable missile on Thursday. Agni V, an intercontinental ballistic missile, or ICBM, was launched from Wheeler Island, off the coast of the eastern state of Orissa, said Sitanshu Kar, a spokesman for India's defense ministry.

"It was a perfect launch which took place at 0807 hours," said Mr. Kar. "It has achieved all the parameters and goals set for it." He didn't elaborate, but Indian media is saying it reached its intended target 5,000 kilometers (3,100 miles) out in the Indian Ocean, and was visually tracked along its whole path.

The launch of the locally built Agni V is part of India's broader missile-development program, a key aspect of the country's nuclear strategy. Its range of over 5,000 kilometers means it could reach as far as Beijing, Tehran or Pyongyang.

The missiles in the Agni series, which take their name from the Hindi word for fire, are the cornerstone of India's mobile land-based nuclear delivery system. In November India test-launched Agni IV, which has a range of 3,500 kilometers.


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